Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help! I am a commitment phobic!!

Ms Blogger Wannabee
Well here I am again...the same...another promise broken. I promised that I shall update this blog regularly and yet...what happened?
Previous excuse was no laptop, no Internet, no broad band service....well I got all those things and yet....I am so ashamed of myself.

The Laptop Collection
In the process, I got myself 2 I generously gave away to my lil' brother ( so little anymore since he is a father of 2 now) and the other one...which I claimed was the new love of my life...the bright metallic pink Sony Viao... yeah that one....I sold off exactly a year after I got it on my last birthday. Yup, sold it just a few weeks ago, the offer was too good to missed so I have to part company with it. hence the longing for that 11" Mac Air Book.

Okay this one I have a valid excuse. I gave myself 2 months but I lasted 4 months. I could have continued longer but too much hassle. Now with the new is not possible to slot in that 5.30-6.30 am slot any longer.

Ms Marathon Wannabee
Post bootcamp season I was running regularly and happily so. Yeah, I did the KL Marathon and publicised it like crazy and planned that Penang Marathon next. What happened? The new job and its crazy schedules were what happened. It was just impossible to train regularly, and to give me that perfect excuse, our official launch fall on that same weekend when the Marathon was supposed to take place. And sooo I missed my regular run and that dream of running on the Penang Bridge. Damm!!!

Now, even my fellow runners have stopped calling me every Saturday morning because I have missed running the past 4 sessions - excuses but really I really do have valid reasons for each absence. Just listen okay

First, there was that Hyderabad Trip (the ICCA Conference), then the Official Launch Weekend - I was tooo swarmed with work to get up an hour early just for that run, then there was one weekend when I totally overslept and did not even hear the phone ring (yeah! I swear on my precious Prada Bag that I was really dead to the world on that particular morning and did not hear the blasted phone ring at all!!!!!) and the last weekend I was travelling between Barcelona and Amsterdam (the EIBTM Trip).

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!, I did go to those 2 beautiful and amazing European Cities but that is for another blog entry. Sorry Amrita...if I have the time and means I would have gone to visit you in Stockholm but it was for work (though we did have 2 days in Amsted which was for totall pleasure...oh yeah...enjoyed myself grinning like an idiot now ).

Hopefully, this Barcelona trip is an annual event which falls into one of my job functions (okay, this is one of the things that makes this new job really interesting, I get to travel far....compared to the previous job which only sent me within the Asian region). Well, that for another story.

Back to the main topic of this blog today....I realised that I AM A COMMITMENT PHOBIC! Not only in relationship with humans, pets and trees but also with all other things and activities. I can't just stay committed and carry on with things....not that I am not loyal. I am a Scorpion after all, loyalty is one of our strong points but my interests will stray.

Could I blame it on the way I have been brought-up??? You know...all those nomadic life or rooting and uprooting myself over the years especially during my teenage year....I really ought to blame my parents for this. was their fault moving me around soo much that I end up now alone and unable to commit myself to a decent relationship and a decent life.....

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I was just joking!!!!! I am not blaming anybody here. This is just the way I am...ditto.

See you all again!

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Amri said...

No worries Yus! Each European city has a charm of its own, so I hope you had a really great time- that's all that matters :D You can plan another trip (summer time is warmer!) to visit me ;) Hugs!