Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help! I am a commitment phobic!!

Ms Blogger Wannabee
Well here I am again...the same...another promise broken. I promised that I shall update this blog regularly and yet...what happened?
Previous excuse was no laptop, no Internet, no broad band service....well I got all those things and yet....I am so ashamed of myself.

The Laptop Collection
In the process, I got myself 2 I generously gave away to my lil' brother ( so little anymore since he is a father of 2 now) and the other one...which I claimed was the new love of my life...the bright metallic pink Sony Viao... yeah that one....I sold off exactly a year after I got it on my last birthday. Yup, sold it just a few weeks ago, the offer was too good to missed so I have to part company with it. hence the longing for that 11" Mac Air Book.

Okay this one I have a valid excuse. I gave myself 2 months but I lasted 4 months. I could have continued longer but too much hassle. Now with the new is not possible to slot in that 5.30-6.30 am slot any longer.

Ms Marathon Wannabee
Post bootcamp season I was running regularly and happily so. Yeah, I did the KL Marathon and publicised it like crazy and planned that Penang Marathon next. What happened? The new job and its crazy schedules were what happened. It was just impossible to train regularly, and to give me that perfect excuse, our official launch fall on that same weekend when the Marathon was supposed to take place. And sooo I missed my regular run and that dream of running on the Penang Bridge. Damm!!!

Now, even my fellow runners have stopped calling me every Saturday morning because I have missed running the past 4 sessions - excuses but really I really do have valid reasons for each absence. Just listen okay

First, there was that Hyderabad Trip (the ICCA Conference), then the Official Launch Weekend - I was tooo swarmed with work to get up an hour early just for that run, then there was one weekend when I totally overslept and did not even hear the phone ring (yeah! I swear on my precious Prada Bag that I was really dead to the world on that particular morning and did not hear the blasted phone ring at all!!!!!) and the last weekend I was travelling between Barcelona and Amsterdam (the EIBTM Trip).

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!, I did go to those 2 beautiful and amazing European Cities but that is for another blog entry. Sorry Amrita...if I have the time and means I would have gone to visit you in Stockholm but it was for work (though we did have 2 days in Amsted which was for totall pleasure...oh yeah...enjoyed myself grinning like an idiot now ).

Hopefully, this Barcelona trip is an annual event which falls into one of my job functions (okay, this is one of the things that makes this new job really interesting, I get to travel far....compared to the previous job which only sent me within the Asian region). Well, that for another story.

Back to the main topic of this blog today....I realised that I AM A COMMITMENT PHOBIC! Not only in relationship with humans, pets and trees but also with all other things and activities. I can't just stay committed and carry on with things....not that I am not loyal. I am a Scorpion after all, loyalty is one of our strong points but my interests will stray.

Could I blame it on the way I have been brought-up??? You know...all those nomadic life or rooting and uprooting myself over the years especially during my teenage year....I really ought to blame my parents for this. was their fault moving me around soo much that I end up now alone and unable to commit myself to a decent relationship and a decent life.....

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I was just joking!!!!! I am not blaming anybody here. This is just the way I am...ditto.

See you all again!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday, Birthday...

I celebrated my birthday last Sunday (7/11). Yup, another new number next to the 3. Next year it will start with 4. Ohhhh dear..... I don't want to think about that yet!

As usual I did that 5 minutes of self-contemplations: my achievements, where I am, where I'm going, what's gonna happen, how far I've come....bla, bla, bla...

Nothing much to report...that's why it took 5 mins only :) hahaha!!!!

Honestly, I really do not feel like a 39 years old. Is one supposed to feel anything different as one gets older?  I'm still unsure of my life direction, my careerr goals, though this year...I am proud to report that this year I have a new job, a new title, a new office, a new salary which only makes like more difficult coz that only worsen my shopaholic tendency. Yup, the shopping mania is even worse now and let's not even talk about my credit cards collection. I'm soooo ashamed of myself when I look at the monthly statements.
But on the other hand.....when I look at my purchases....I'll be smiling that happy, contented, satisfied, glowing, happy smile.....

I am still the same person. Still clueless....where I'm going, what my aspirations are....still surviving day to day in my job, trying to appear as if I know what I'm doing while inside my head...its just like in the moon - zero gravity.

So on one hand I'm still a lost soul, still unsure of herself and her capabilities but on the other hand, I am thankful for what I have today. I am thankful to have great friends and great ex-colleagues who are supportive and have high faith in my ability to do my job well and give me constant encouragements and motivations, good health, nice job and live live-up to that...

Single, Successful, Confident, Self-Aassured, Independent, *Cheerful Woman of the New Millenium!  

*that 'cheerful' is a new addition, I realised that lots of my friends are constantly not happy these days, therefore it is important to include that word in my daily mantra.

Happy Birthday to Ms Wannabee!!!!!!!!

Birthday wish for this year (still undelivered):
11inch - Apple MacBook Air

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Surprise Visit!

Our official office launch is not until 22nd November 2010.

Somehow this morning....somebody got up, went to the office and as her hundred and one assistants and minions were going thru her schedules for the day, she was informed that she will have to be present for some official do at the Mandarin Oriental. Then someone mentioned that the Bureau (the Ministry's latest offspring) is located in that vicinity too and she thought......'ll be good to see what these people at the Bureau are doing....

And so...she announced "let's stop over there and see what the kids at the bureau are doing..."

And so, the PA called the Director Generals's Office who later picked up the phone to call the Bureau's CEO, who in turn, picked up his phone and called his Corporate Communication Manager, who..... once was informed of such visit....ran out of her room and screamed "OMG! MINISTER COMING! MINISTER COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Once that announcement was made can imagine the chaos and furore over what an one hour visit caused:

The GM and Corporate Communication Mgr started getting all the managers to update on the latest figures and statistics;
The CEO feigned asthma attack and left all the work to the Senior Managers. He only showed-up refreshed and fully rested half hour before the VIPs and VVIP arrived;

Somebody went and informed the building management to allocate a VVIP parking area and to block a lift during the Arrivals and Departure times. Luckily this office management is used to similar VVIPs visits and knew the drill and protocol already;

The Cleaning Lady polished and repolished the still new gleaming office main door, reception area and board room;

The Receptionist started tidying the Reception area;

The Admin and Finance Manager checked and checked the company account, tidied his books (just in case he gets asked which, to his dissapointment... he did not get asked at all);

The Sales Managers started to study and update themselves with their current projects and latest figures (yeah, just in case they got caught and questioned too...but to thier delight, they were not);

The Cleaning Lady after completing her 'pimp the office' tasks was ordered to go out and buy Ovaltine and Air Kelapa Muda because said VVIP favours these drinks only; Ovaltine???? yeah, ovaltine...not milo.

The Trade Industry Manager started calling nearby hotels, requesting which hotel can deliver some cakes and sandwiches within that short time period for this important visit. None of the hotels wanted to take up that challenge, citing 'not enough time' as excuse. Stupid hotels, they will be blacklisted, mark my word!
Finally the Convention Centre, closest colleague and ally came to the rescue. They  said 'not as problem, we luvvv to help you!' and they delivered perfectly beautiful and tasty afternoon tea spread. Unfortunately, none of the guests touched the food that took up nearly 20 phones calls to make before one materialised but fortunately, all the staffs devoured within 10 minutes after all their guests left;

All other staffs were asked to tidy up their cubicles and work area;

All staffs were ordered to wear suit or coat - Male staffs were ordered to put on their ties, Female staffs were ordered to tidy up their hair, slap on some make-up, if anybody need to go back home to get their jacket or coat, they are allowed to do so.

All in all, it was a very exciting day for all. We learnt first hand what kind of protocols involved when your highest HOD (Head of Department) decides to grace his/her presence in your little domain of an office and the kind and size of the entourage that came with it.

With all the excitements, nobody did any real work at all...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life on a fab lane!

My Dear Friends

Thank you sooo much for your motivation. I see that my regular readers have kept up to date with my musings....THANKS SO MUCH, VERY VERY MUCH Sek Hin for the motivation, Amrita (from Stockholm must be you la, who else) and friends at MTM. At least it'll keep you entertained from the humdrum of daily official reading materials eh....

And dearest Sek Hin, you said "Yus, you wrote from your heart"...........I'm speechless!!! It's like Marco Pierre White telling me "Yus, you cook like me".....I'm soooo honoured :)
And more motivated than ever to write!
I had an interesting day at work today. A couple of us were selected by our CEO to be involved for a photography shooting session. He was scheduled for an interview with an international travel trade magazine and our PR has engaged a professional photographer and a make-up artist. To make it worth the RM $$$$ that was being paid to the photographer and make-up artists, he has ordered 4 keys staffs to be involved for the photo shoot and make-up session as well. Well...err...I'm one of the key staff in case you don't notice that hint...heheheh

Yeah...everybody whined and groaned, complaining they had a lot of work piling up, these kinda things are just a big waste of time bla bla bla....    As for me...I just kept quiet and remained blase' about it....all in a days work eh..

Despite those complaints, I betcha each of us were secretly thrilled. You can see that in their smiles as they posed for the camera, from their chatters as they wait for their turn, and finally, I heard this from the last person I thought would make such a remark, my GM:

"We must engage this make-up artist and photographer again when we have our official launch. I like her makeup!"
hahahah!!!!!  She only human ah... (FYI, our official launch is scheduled on 23rd Nov...I'm sure there will be more interesting story to tell.)

Each of us had some portrait shots done and then some group photos. Surprisingly I did not take long to give 'good' poses. Well that was what the photographer said...hhmmmmm....can you imagine how big my beaming smile was :)

I must say a big thank you to:

  • The patient and skillful lady photographer. She may not be Anna Liebowitz, the world famous photographer but she can be the sister, she made me look 'dynamically attractive' (if I must say so myself) in all her shots. Brilliantly fabulous!
  • The skillful make up artists (who used all MAC products....I soo like!) she covered all my flaws and facial imperfections and turn me into an Asian Kimura Lee Simmons minus the diva antics. Gorgeously fabulous!
  • Kimura Lee Simmons of course for all the photo and posing tips.....I knew it! All those hours spent watching her show and listening to some of her piratical tips on posing for camera really came in handy and it worked! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!
 As you can see, I am shameless Kimura wannabee....Fabulosity!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Return of Ms Wannabee!!!!

I am soooo sorry, I know, I know...I deserve to be shot! I said and promised that I will be more diligent but what happened? Silence from the last 7 months! Shame on me, shame on me....
I am sooo sorry....well my close and dear friends who are here know what's been happening but so sorry (yeah again,sooo very sorry) to my close and dear friends who are not here.

Even Murad! You called all the way from SF and yet...I still did not update my blog. is not a case of losing interest....there was a bit of writer's block (yeah....maybe I'm over-dramatising it a bit), but really! I did suffer writer's block. I just don't know what to write! And when I knew,,,,,I didn't have the drive to update....

Apart from life have undergone a major change. I finally changed my job...a job that I have held on dearly for the past 10 years, the one that gave me great friends that will hopefully stay my friends until I die and the one friend that I owed allegiance for the next 7 generations....the job that paid for my holidays, the clothes on my body, the shoes that I walked on and the Prada that I carry...the job that gave me the best 2 years of my life in HK plus the 5 to 7 years working hard (and sometimes not so hard) that took me almost everywhere too (except North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Pacific, the North Pole and the South Pole). Okay, when listed like that....that doesn't sound really impressive??? Oh well...

Oh well...I finally found the courage to leave and move on to another new direction in my life. I wanted a new challenge, a new environment, a new employer and new new salary (with whole new perks) and I got it! Thank you Lord :)

Anyway, that is the official story and I'm stying with it. The unofficial ones.....hhmmmm let see.....
I wanted to go, NO! I needed to go because I don't think I could move on anymore, what I had in me is not enough....nobody is indispensable...I needed to go because I started losing interest in doing the same things over the years, facing egocentric and idiotic clients and following too many procedures...and so....when the opportunity came, I left.....

And so....on Friday 13 August 2010 (unlucky date? luckily I am not superstitious), after a last trip to China (gosh! Can't remember what city it was).....I bid my farewell to my second home the past 10 years...Goodbye MTM!

On Monday, 16 August 2010, I started at my new work place....the Bureau. Goodbye Med Comm, HELLO Tourism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No time to rest or dwell...I was push headlong into endless rounds of meetings with high profile people, trainings and work. Oh back to that 13th August weekend, The customary farewell dinner was given...I received a SUPERBLY PREPARED GIFT OF LOVE FROM HOHUI, ANDREW, JESSICA, SEK HIN, STEFANIE, WAIKIN (who left 2 weeks earlier than me but managed to leave her mark as well) and, HENRY (the new guy). As far as value goes, it was priceless, not even anything from Tiffany or Mont Blanc can rival that lovely gift from my 'ex-colleagues'...feel sooooo akward to address them as my 'ex-colleagues'. And apart from that......I also received a lot of supportive and tearful goodbye messages from my MTM fraternity  ....they all said nice things to me....I feel soo like Mother Teresa :)

Luckily I'm writing these now...after 2 months. Had I wrote these things earlier, I would have cried buckets! Tears of sadness because I am leaving dear colleagues who were like family and tears of joy because everybody had soo many nice things to say about me....(some ppl only get this after they die). hahahah!!!!!

And so I started my new work.....I said I wanted new challenge ...and yup! New challenges it was. I can't complain much, I just hope I will be able to deliver what they expect of me. I should have known that during the interview, I asked for this and that and they (my new employer) only said okay. I should have known the enormity of the job. They really have high expectations from me and I hope I'll survive and can show them that they have chosen the right person indeed.....

And soo...Ms Wannabee is a step to being closer being what she wants to be.....a successful, confident, self-assured, financially independent women of the new millennium plus cheerful, hot and gorgeous (but still cannot fit into her size 10 bikini!).

I'll be back again love!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now and then

A few highlights since my last entry...

A girls' day out at the Energy Spa (not as decadent as the Moon Goddess Therapy at the uber luxurious Mandarin Oriental Spa, but it was close to goodness by KL standard);

Swooning and aahhhing over that Valentine's Day movie (this will be added into my list of favourite movies from now on);

Another late night madness in Wendy's stuffing ourselves and forgetting our diet plans (there's always Bootcamp sessions to burn off those extra calories anyway);

A chance meeting with another college mate whom I have been successfully avoiding for nearly 10 years... (KL is soo small, I keep on bumping into people I DON"T want to meet!);

Stupid, unnessary bickerings with close ones (I don't understand what's happening now, I really don't....);

Unexpected big bonus from parents thanks to higher yield account dividents (especially helpful when you are left with only RM50 in your account, and I was just planning how to ask 'politely');

Painful, arduous, bone-breaking bootcamp sessions (oh yeah...I soo crave the pain in order to look HOT in my size ten bikini);

The Inaugural Family Reunion event - on the paternal side (huh.....uurrgghhhhh...not something I look forward to but turn out to be unexpectly enjoyable and pleasant. I'll write more about it in my next post);

The big holiday plan!!! (with reference to the Lonely after 'borrowing' the atlas at Kinukuniya, we've finally decided on Jeju....or so I hope).

And so it goes.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy new year to all my Chinese friends.

I feel quite good this year coz I got a chance to contribute something in exchange for all those oranges and angpows from my neighbours.

The whole day yesterday was spent baking cakes and roasting chicken. From 11am to 4pm, I made 9 cakes and roasted 3 large birds with all the trimmings.

Each cake turn out well, smooth and fluffy and the birds came out beautifully golden and succulent. Well, that was feebbacks received from the 'tasters'. I was quite proud....if I may say so myself :)

Where did it all went to? Sent to close neighbours and close friends. I should have taken the pictures but completely forgotten. Oh time....

Till has been a great, clear blue sunny day today.....